Transform with Clarity and Simplicity

Businesses face four distinct types of challenges—volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity or VUCA in short—that are causing unprecedented disruptions across industries. At the same time, businesses are under constant pressure to spur innovation, launch new products and services, cut costs, improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and increase productivity.

To combat these challenges and meet changing demands and expectations, enterprises need to transform their business processes, underlying infrastructure, software stack, services contracts, and analytics solutions to gain visibility, insights, and agility, at speed and scale in real time.

Credence helps in this transformation journey by cutting uncertainties, complexities, and disruptions. From infrastructure to insights and from innovation to agility, we will help you realise your transformation aspirations with our unmatched professional services, technology excellence, strategic partners, and domain expertise so that you stay focused on realising your business objectives.

Credence helps you achieve your outcomes with simplicity, elegance, speed, and agility to stay ahead in a VUCA world.

Transformation Done Right

Survival in this world has made digital transformation unavoidable for every organisation. Whatever your transformation goals may be – from enhancing customer experience, achieving operational and cost efficiency, or creating a platform for constant innovation – it’s impossible to evolve without digital as an enabler.

Yet, the digital world is plagued with unnecessary jargon and complexities, creating an environment of fear and doubt. Credence exists to change that. We will help you realise your transformation aspirations with simplicity, elegance, speed and agility.

– Krish Datta, CEO

Our Brand Promise

Credence promises to deliver high-quality and equitable digital services to our customers.

  • We partner with our customers across their enterprise digital journey from I2I (Infrastructure to Insights).

  • We do it with poise and agility, holding our customers’ hands along the way while listening to them intently.

  • We ease our customers' concerns and the complexity of digital transformation and change.

  • We make it easy for customers to work with us and engage as one trusted team.

  • We nurture, harness, and build the best talents we can get to deliver the best to our customers.

Our Solutions

Reach new heights with Cloud, maximise the value of your data with advanced analytics, future-proof your software portfolio, and reignite your infrastructure and network performance with our comprehensive range of solutions

Succeed with Credence

Powered by the TM Group and strategic partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies and coupled with a global talent pool of domain and technology experts, Credence offers a host of benefits to enable your business outcomes.

  • Cloud Agnostic

  • Domain Expertise

  • Sovereign Cloud Accreditation

  • Local Knowledge and Expertise

  • End-to-End Solutions

  • Technology Excellence

  • Professional Services

  • Flexibility and Scalability

  • Best-in-class SLA

  • Cost Savings

Powered by a Strategic Partner Ecosystem

Strategic partnerships with the world’s leading cloud service providers and cloud-native application providers bolster our diverse range of solutions.

Join Us

At Credence, we’re primed to seize opportunities, and we’re on the hunt for strong, confident professionals ready to carve a path forward with us.

We combine the approach and culture of a start-up with the confidence of an established market leader. We are new, yet we are also a spin-off from Malaysia’s leading telecommunications provider, TM. We aim to be the employer of choice to the region’s top tech talent.

Come join us! We’re searching for a variety of skill sets from sales professionals, technical specialists to solution architects and consultants.

Drop us your resume and we’ll be in touch.

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